Light & Medium Steel Structure Fabrication

During the last quarter of 2014, USG started to diversify the Company’s activities due to the owned capabilities
& facilities focusing more on the steel structure sector.  Whatever is the client’s design;  we are able to execute,
either it’s structural  or  mechanical design with comprehensive solutions such as Shot Blasting, Sweep Blasting,
HD Galvanizing & Wet Painting.

We have started to get more involved with our clients sharing our designing alternative solutions to improve the
logistics & the execution efficiency. The whole team, who are consisted of Engineering, Projects Planning & Q.C.
Department getting into deep details of each project to understand  the needs of the client  which is  a vital point
for to achieve perfection.

We have started with developing current production lines & Adding new CNC machines & automatic equipment’s
to enhance the production quality & output capacities.

The new section can fabricate Light and Medium Steel Structures, Cage Ladders, Platforms, Base Frames
Staircase, Handrail System, MBR Special Tanks, Flanges & Accessories.