USG offers a wide range of steel poles in various thickness and segment single lengths of up to 16 meters.
The poles have various uses as industrial poles, street light poles, lighting poles for stadiums, raising and 
lowering poles for highways, decorative poles, traffic signal poles, advertising poles, security/camera poles and general purpose poles etc.
For power distribution / transmission, we produce low and medium voltage distribution poles and also
high voltage transmission monopoles up to 132 KV, as well as producing the communication monopoles.
To meet your aesthetic requirements, USG offers a wide selection of finishes. You can choose between
a traditional galvanized finish or a variety of protective colored coatings, including ‘paint over-galvanized
poles' etc. Apart from the standard range of products, USG also manufactures customized poles.

Pole Production Process​
Automatic decoiling, flattening and trapezium cutting line starting from steel coils. Automatic Feeding and
Press Brake line with automatic trapezium dimension reading system (side dimension, length) based on
automatic sheet marking.

â–º Automatic pole welding line.
The poles are transferred from the press brake to the welding line automatically. Maintaining the poles
straightness and avoiding twisting during welding is automatically controlled through a sophisticated
technology system. The welding machine is able to weld round cut as well as polygonal poles. 

â–º Door Opening Plasma Cutting Machine.
Used to cut open doors for round and polygonal poles. With the system it is possible to re-use the scarp
as a door cover. Poles and doors are then marked in a way to pair them after the galvanizing process.