EVG Grating & Steel Structure Fabrication Plant

During the last quarter of 2006 witnessed the final installation & commissioning of the EVG machine and
commencement of production according to the ISO & international standard.

USG now manufactures the steel electro forged grating panels in standard dimension 1 Meter X 6 Meters
& fabricated panels as well in different shapes and sizes along with any necessary stair treads all produced
in accordance with the customer’s specifications and requirements.

Floor Grating Manufacturing Method​​

Electro-Forging for a compromised series of parallel arranged Steel flat bars
with desired spacing with steel twisted bearing Bars held upright & welded. The
se square twisted transverse bars; provides a lateral restraint suitable for ideal
distributed loading. The EVG machine ensures maximum efficiency & can produce
grating in a varying range of sizes and configuration.

The production speed ranging 3 Linear meters every minute. The Elimination
of import duty and sea freight within GCC Countries has a considerable impact
on price.